Want to grow your own veg but no time or space?

We all want to garden, but limited outside space and demands on our time mean most of us can only ever manage a trip to the farmers’ market. 

Now with Foodscape, you can become an urban farmer!

C’mon London… let’s get growing! 

How it works

For a small monthly fee, join your Foodscape urban farm.

With the help of our lovely gardeners, grow a huge variety of vegetables and herbs in your own garden plot. Our farms are fully managed and irrigated, so you can be involved as little or as much as you want – we’re with you from seed to harvest. Even proven plant killers will succeed!

Amaze your friends & family with regular harvests of fresh, organic vegetables grown with your very own hands. You don’t even need to tell them about our lovely gardeners if you don’t want to…

Find out more

Let us know how to contact you and we can tell you all about our plans for a farm near you.

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