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Founded by a desire to redefine urban food growing and wellbeing, Foodscape empowers people to grow their own fresh seasonal produce in the heart of our cities.
Our passion for food growing, social engagement and learning means that we are with you from seed-to-harvest, so we can all reconnect with nature, and foster a more livable and sustainable urban life.
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Our UrbanFarms allow you to grow a wide variety of mouth-watering, nutritious produce. Fresh from your plot to your table.

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Engaging experiences to learn and gain a sense of community. Sharing a common passion for food, wellbeing & sustainability

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We re-connect people with the natural world through food and wellbeing.

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Promoting a more sustainable way of living and helping biodiversity flourish in our cities

Savour nutritious, seasonal produce. Grown by you, in your neighbourhood. Giving freshness from soil to table.

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Average wait time to secure a plot and start growing on a traditional public allotment

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We’re distinctive urban farmers that understand the urban food-growing challenges and fast-paced city life. Our passion is guiding you to cultivate fresh produce at your doorstep.

Foodscape members holding up their large, fresh courgette
Foodscape member harvest their plot
Children with a harvest of fresh Summer leaf
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member testimonials

Foodscape is a beautiful way to make yourself a member of the community. In contact with nature, learning about cooking, gardening, and sustainable living. It’s a blessing to have found this inspiring and welcoming environment. A true oasis of well-being within the city.
Florencia C.
Aside from the sense of community that being a Foodscape member brings, I am really enjoying thinking more about food and making a small action towards helping climate change. For me, Foodscape is all about growing locally, eliminating packaging and celebrating seasonality in what we harvest.
Andrew T.
We were really happy to discover the Foodscape farm when we moved to the neighbourhood. It’s an excellent use of urban space. It’s a pleasure to grow salad and vegetables, meet new people and get involved in the foodie events. I look forward to improving my growing skills!
Annie & Damien T.
Foodscape has enhanced my passion for gardening. We plant different varieties of food which is fresh and organic. I joined Foodscape because of this, and I wanted to be part of a community. We regularly do activities together such as kimchi making, pasta making and pizza evenings. I’ve been a member since my local urban farm opened and I love being a part of it. Thank you for bringing this to my neighbourhood.
Patricia A.
We have been members of Foodscape for years, and it has been a wonderful experience! Having this green oasis is such a pleasure all year round: tomatoes, huge squash, all sorts of greens, green beans…there is always something tasty to harvest! But it doesn’t stop there: we enjoy a lot of the community activities: learning how to grow, pasta making, and the cherry on the cake… wood-fired pizza! Plot to plate at its best!
Dewi, Gov & Prad A.
Foodscape is such a great way for us to get into gardening and connect with a community. We can commit as much or as little time as we like to our plot, and we harvest a good regular supply of delicious veggies. The monthly events are fun ways to learn new growing skills and recipes while making new friends. We always feel welcome whenever we visit the farm!
Joe M.
I joined Foodscape early, excited by the prospects of not only gaining access to beautiful homegrown produce, but to feel part of a sustainable movement towards more self- sufficiency. The vertical growing concept is innovative, and it's fun to take part in planting, learning about the veggies, and perhaps best of all, the friendly cooking classes, social sessions and different activities offered. It's a true oasis of calm in the hectic urban landscape.
Will & Nicole R.
I love being part of foodscape, not only can you learn about how to grow food then collect the fresh crops for your lunch and dinner, but I’ve had a great time taking part in fun events evolving around plants and food. To name a few; pasta making; growing masterclasses, pizza evenings, all great creative social activities. We need more places like this!
Marie B.
A green oasis in London’s urban jungle where we can take part in growing our veg as much or as little as we want. Foodscape is friendly and convivial, and we love the great range of gardening and cooking activities. It's a chance for us to exercise our green fingers.
Paul & Dianne B.
If you are looking for an allotment but find it difficult to make time, Foodscape is a perfect option. It’s well maintained by a skilled gardener all year round so you don’t have to worry about day-to-day maintenance, although I am enjoying becoming greener fingered! It is also always nice to take part in various activities with other members.
Takashi N.
Our local Foodscape urban farm is a lovely place for our family - a haven of community and calm where we can grow great produce in our own plot with all the support we need. Not to mention the great seasonal happenings. There’s always something to enjoy.
Claire C. & Family
Foodscape has given me a renewed interest in food growing and cooking. It’s wonderful to try out recipes using fresh ingredients that I have grown and even better to enjoy the tasty results together, at the regular events! Having access to my own vertical veg plot that helps me reduce plastic waste and food miles is fantastic, and I hope it’s a model that will spread everywhere.
Elia B.